Quarantine and Quizizz


Well, here we go! This week my school is closed for the week due to a couple of staff members testing positive for COVID. I am afraid it is just the beginning but I feel way more calm, cool and collective this time around. I have learned so much and continue to learn so much through this class. I have asked 3 boys to be my tech advisors if anyone has any issues. I have a real eager bunch of kiddos this year so they CANNOT wait to help out!

In this blog I am going to discuss my use of Quizizz in the classroom . I chose quizizz because of the gamey features and I have quite a few gamers in my class. I also chose it because it seemed like an easy way to check in with my students. I also liked the fact that you could choose to do it live or just assign it in google classroom and have students work on it independtly. To be honest, because I teach a split, that was one of the winning features for me- being able to assign a quiz to grade 6’s while working with grade 7’s and vice versa. And now that this week will be distance learning, it will work well if students can work on it at their own time as a lot of them are sharing devices with siblings.

Initially, I used it as a formative assessment in the classroom as a checkpoint for Science to check their understanding of Scavengers, Decomposers, Consumers and Producers. My students, who are very competetive loved it! They loved the competetive nature of it, and especially, the Powerups, although I had one boy said the only downfall was that the Powerup screen took too long! And, an added bonus that I didn’t even realize, was that because it was synced automatically into my Google Classroom, their grades also automatically synced as well.

My students, being very competive loved this feature. One other thing they really liked was that they could look for their own games to play on Quizizz without me so this is something I am using this week- for them to find a game they think another student might like. Some downfalls would be students who are at a lower reading level may not be able to read or understand the vocabulary and I didn’t find it very suitable for my ESL student as we needed to sit and discuss the terminology. This was a big downfall as I had to sit with my ESL student to explain things to him.

Another subject I am using Quizizz for, both live-learning and distance-learning, is Math. I teach Math to each grade seperately, so I while I am teaching one grade live, I can have the other class do a quick check in on the unit we are working on. For example, I am working on multiplying decimals with grade 7 and we usually work together with whiteboards until I know they have a good handle on it and then they have an assignment they work through while I switch to grade 6’s who are working on Integers. But while I am working with grade 7’s the grade 6’s have a Quizizz checkpoint which tells me how they are doing, if I need to reteach anything etc. There are tons of already created lessons and it honestly does not take long to create your own. I also used it as a quick comprehension tool on a read aloud we were reading in class.

I would consider this a great tool for formative assessment as it is a quick way to check student comprehension on any particular concept. I don’t believe it would be a great summative tool as it may not give you all the information you need, it may not be a suitable tool for some learners, and I don’t think it is very suitable for ESL students.

One way I was thinking it could be a great summative tool though would be if students could access the creating and hosting feature within it and create their own lesson for the rest of the class as a culminating activity to show what they learned on the subject. I feel that would be an amazing way for students to process their learning. But this feature is very similar to many other tools in GoogleSuite or other tools we have seen.

I am also using Goformative in the same manner as Quizizz. The students like this as well, although they say they prefer Quizizz over Goformative, but I believe it is because of the gamey nature of quizziz.

I am trying to keep to the “keep it simple” rule of thumb through this week (and who knows how much longer), so I plan to use Quizizz a lot. I am also wondering other ways we can use it such as watch a video and have a simple Quizizz lesson after the video or… listen to a podcast and create a simple exit slip. So as my mind is wandering to this, it is hard to stay focused on my blog so I am going to sign out, get a cup of coffee, take a well-earned break before my next task.

 Ceramic Mug With Coffee

Have a great week! If you have any other great ideas for Quizizz or Goformative feel free to share!


Ps I had to share. I assigned a couple of my kids to be the tech advisors for our class. They originally started a discord group to write a team story. That turned into the grade 6 study group. Now it is a whole class study group. They have a notes-resources link which links them to things like a thesaurus. They have roles such as a @helper who you can ask for help on assignments, a @serverhelper which helps you with questions about the server, a @reviewer who checks to see if you’re done your homework and if you are, that person hands out a @funpass role which lets you access funbots.

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8 thoughts on “Quarantine and Quizizz

  1. Thanks for sharing your experience with Quizziz and Goformative. I was playing around with Quizziz earlier this week and was showing one of my other LRT colleagues. They were so into it that they planned to use it with a grade 7/8 class that they were supporting that afternoon.
    I like how often you have used it with your students in such a short time. They haven’t gotten sick of it yet?
    I had thought that Quzziz had an immersive reader feature in it, but I may be wrong, as that is one of the components that I always look for with any online tools. I’ll have to do some digging as I don’t want this to be a frustrating tool for students to use if it doesn’t have features to fit their learning needs.


    1. Yes. With spit grades it works really well. I am really heavy on boys this year so they love it as they are gamers. Some of the girls may be. But this week it’s worked really well. I’m using it as much as I can to get myself and them comfortable with it.


  2. Hi Lisa! It sounds like you have had an eventful week!! I’m glad your students are using Quizizz and love it! It sounds like you have a wonderful group of students and they would love the opportunities Quizizz gives them to develop and learn. I also love that they began a discord group for the class – how thoughtful! Having to work from home and learn at home could be isolating for so many students so I hope they take advantage of it!
    I also agree that these apps can be difficult for ESL learners, and could make it even more difficult with online learning. I hope you can get back into the classroom soon and online component doesn’t last too long. I’m glad you had a smooth transition this time around though!


  3. Thanks Shelby! It has been eventful for sure! And yes, this is one of the best classes I have ever had in all my years. I can only think of one that can compare and that was about 12 years ago. Those students are now highly successful young people. One is an NHL player, one is a biochemist that obtained a $100,000 scholarship… they are nurses, lawyers, teachers, lab techs, interior designers… They always motivated and encouraged eachother and kept eachother on their toes. This group is the same but now they have so much more access to online tools that they can use to help eachother collaborate and learn, without me! I am so overwhelmingly happy for them. It’s cool to be smart! I love it!

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  4. Hi Lisa! Hope you are doing well and back at school, or soon anyway! I agree that Quizziz is great for formative assessment. I used it to see where my students were at on their understanding of verbs. We did it as a whole class, but I am hoping to explore it more as we move through the year. Your idea about using the creating and hosting to make their own lessons is awesome! What a fun way to show what they have learned. I know my students would love doing something like that. Thanks for sharing your discord experience. Wow! So much collaboration! This is connectivism at its best I think! Hope you had a good week. Take care!


    1. Thanks Tammy! Stay healthy!!! The week was actually amazing. Their engagement levels were so high and I think it’s due to the kids taking responsibility for it through Discord. I highly recommend assigning a tech role to kids. They truly amaze me.


  5. Great post, Lisa! These sound like such positive experiences, despite the school closing due to COVID. I love the discord group idea- if I understand correctly, your students created this on their own? Also, have you tried using Quizziz over a virtual meeting yet? I would be curious to see how that works for you!


    1. They did create it on their own!! It’s been above and beyond! I have not yet but it will be on my list if we get shut down again.


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