Summary of Learning ECI 833

Wow! Our journey through EC&I 833 has finally come to an end! There are so many great take aways from this class that I have easily implemented and continue to implement into my classroom. I am extremely grateful to all of you who gave me advice and helped me work through the various tools shown in class. Your kindness, patience and encouragement are something I will always be grateful for.

Group projects are always something I look forward to-brainstorming, collaborating, creating and working together as a team has always been something I thrive on. This term was no different. My group members were stellar and I enjoyed our time together.

Even though we had to learn “away” from each other, it never seemed to hinder our learning, our project, or most of all, how we built relationships.

Sometimes I would come to class exhausted but as we learned together I would walk away inspired to try something new. And learn something new, I certainly did. You all are amazingly talented educators and I was grateful to learn along side such wonderful humans.

Thank you and enjoy my Summary of Learning for EC&I 833.

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6 thoughts on “Summary of Learning ECI 833

  1. Oh my gosh Lisa, I remember using a pencil on cassette tapes as well! Those were the days. Thanks for sharing your learning. I really enjoyed working with you on our project. As always, you were supportive and brought so much knowledge to our learning. I am also looking at using WeVideo and green screen with my students in the new year. We bought a kit for the school and set it up today. The conversation and ideas flowing with the setup were incredible. We are so excited to get started. You are always an inspiration! I admire all the things you try in your class with your students. Your ecosystems CoSpaces project sounds amazing! All the best! Thanks for everything!


  2. Tie Die and big hair seem to be making a comeback… maybe they will remake some of the classic computer games too. Thanks for sharing so many wonderful ideas about how you are using this in your classroom. I really feel inspired to give CoSpaces a try when I am back in the classroom. I also think I need to try out adobe spark for my next presentation. Your presentation was fantastic! Thanks for sharing.


    1. Thank you Jocelyn! It’s actually pretty easy as a lot of the kids are already doing things like this. It’s their world!


  3. Great summary of learning, Lisa! I loved all of the connections you made and how you are using some of the tools we learned about in your classroom! I have done a similar task about ecosystems with MineCraft – whether it is CoSpaces or MC, students love using the technology and the learning comes naturally. I remember you saying in the Summer intensive classes that you struggled with technology so it is inspiring and exciting to see how engaged you are with new tech ideas and willing to embrace them! Bravo and hats off! I know what a daunting task it can be! Great working with you again this term!


  4. I enjoyed being on this journey with you. Your positivity and willingness to explore new ways to learn inspire me and can tell it had a great impact on your students (they are lucky to have you :-)). Your summary was very informative and I remember making mixed tapes back in the day … so much fun. I hope you continue to share the awesome work you are doing with your class (please share your cospaces journey with me … I’m hoping to integrate that as well). Take care and stay in touch.


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